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Government Commissioned Business

We will carry out government commissioned businesses through employment support, research, system maintenance, educational program development, practical dissemination and public relations activities.

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当社団について (About)

一般社団法人 全国進路キャリア就業支援機構 (JACCES) のご紹介です。
Introduction of JACCES (Japan Association of Career Course and Employment Support) is below.





We charry out "Career support project", "School enrollment support project", "Career education & school enrollment & employment support project", "Examination support business" & "Government commissioned business".

We are established to support various people such as high school students, vocational school students, university students, teachers, companies, organizations, vulnerable people, people involved in future careers & career selection, all over the world, regardless of domestic & overseas.

We hold seminars & training, publish "Career Guide" which is original booklet, support for regional study abroad (local working holiday), Test support system (Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination, Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination, Information Technology Passport Examination, Information Security Management Examination). We will contribute to resolving issues related to career, employment in Japan through providing such services.

With regard to employment support, we will support every enrollment (literature trainee, practical trainee / internship, auditor, exchange student, course subject student etc) regardless of domestic or overseas. Various scholarship programs are available to support students who have to give up on entrance due to household problems.

  • 一般社団法人 全国進路キャリア就業支援機構
    Japan Association of Career Course and Employment Support (JACCES)

  • 代表理事 中村 和正
    理事 渋谷 正行
    理事 坂井 宏爾
    理事 本橋 一歩

    監事 1名

    Board Chairman: Kazumasa Nakamura
    Board Member: Masayuki Shibuya
    Board Member: Kouji Sakai
    Board Member: Kazuho Motohashi
    Auditor 1members
    (As of February, 2024)

  • 2016年12月
    December, 2016

  • 情報セキュリティに関する方針
    (Policy on Information Security)

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